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Last updated January 15, 2023  

About Betty Bramble Discounts & Promo Codes

Betty Bramble is a philanthropist, environmental activist, and passionate entrepreneur. She is the force behind the Bramble Foundation and an influential figure in the world of corporate social responsibility. But who is Betty Bramble and what makes her so successful?

Betty Bramble was born into a family of entrepreneurs, where she was encouraged to pursue her dreams from an early age. Years after starting as a business consultant for major corporations around the globe, she found success as an entrepreneur, creating and leading numerous businesses throughout her impressive career.

Despite her busy schedule juggling important meetings around the world and dedicating time to sustainable projects that protect our environment, Betty finds balance in spending time with her family and volunteering her knowledge. Take a closer look at her inspiring life story: where it all began and how she influenced change around the world for decades.

About Betty Bramble