Ahrefs Free Trial (2022) Try for 30 Days

Does Ahrefs still offer a free trial plan in 2022, this is what will find out in this post, so keep reading.

The short answer is not, Ahrefs no longer offer a free trial plan, but they used to offer a 7 days trial plan for $7, but they canceled it back in 2020.

But why did they cancel the trial deal? no official statement from Ahrefs, I would guess the reason is people abusing the system with duplicate accounts, account traders, and so on.

Ahrefs Free Trial Plan Alternatives

There is a great option for people looking for such tools like Ahrefs, it is the direct competitor to Ahrefs which is Semrush.

Ahrefs Current Pricing

Semrush Pricing


FAQs About Ahrefs Free Trial

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