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Last updated January 19, 2023


A&W Canada Coupons & Deals

What does the iconic Canadian brand A&W stand for?

Established in Vancouver in 1956, A&W Food Services of Canada Inc., has been providing Canadians with fast, fresh and made to order offerings since its inception. From hamburgers and other classic grilled items, to homemade soups and desserts, A&W is a family-friendly destination that serves up food proudly.

A&W is more than just a restaurant chain. It’s a family tradition that spans generations. This article looks at the history of A&W Canada and highlights some of its most famous products, giving you an insight into what makes this beloved Canadian brand so special.

About A&W Canada

A&W Canada is a Canadian fast food restaurant chain that has been serving Canadians for over 100 years. With more than 900 locations across the country, A&W serves up delicious burgers, fries, shakes and more. It's famous for its signature A&W Root Beer, which has been enjoyed by generations of Canadians. From classic combos to unique creations like Beyond Burgers, A&W offers something for everyone. With a commitment to quality ingredients and sustainability initiatives, A&W is proud to serve Canadians every day.