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Last updated January 17, 2023  

About Global Village Dubai Coupons & Deals

Have you ever wanted to visit iconic locations around the world without leaving Dubai?

Experience different cultures and explore vibrant cultural markets without putting a dent in your wallet or taking a long plane ride. That's why Global Village Dubai is a must-visit for everyone. Global Village Dubai is an annual shopping and entertainment extravaganza held in Dubai. It offers a unique blend of shopping, culture, and entertainment from around the world under one roof - an opportunity for all ages to immerse themselves in the cultures of countries from around the world.

Global Village opened its gates to its 24th season on October 29, 2020, with over 70 national communities bringing their diverse cultures and goods to display. What started as humble beginnings back in 1996 has now become a phenomenon that draws millions of visitors every year. So come join us as we explore what Global Village Dubai has to offer this season!

About Global Village Dubai